RFI Chokes: Reusable Mix-31 (1MHz to 300MHz) split round cable suppression ferrites. Use these ferrites to remove unwanted RFI from your valuable equipment. They are high quality cores with large surface area and plastic cages. The DX-2 will snap over RG-58, RG-59, RG8X, MINI RG-8, etc. The DX-3 (tight fit), & DX-6 (loose fit) will snap over RG-8, RG-213, 9913, LMR400, etc. All will accommodate multiple turns of many common wire types. Just snap these ferrites over the wire feeding the device being interfered with.

 Use on computer cables, power supplies, microphones, speakers, AC & DC cables telephone/fax/DSL lines. Virtually any wire that is running to a piece of equipment in your shack should have a choke.

For larger quantities please e-mail sales with your requirements for special pricing.
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Description Pack of Part Number Price Per Pack Buy
Ferrite, 1.25in L x 0.75in x 0.75in, Hole diameter 1/4in, Fits RG58, RG8X, RG59, mini-8, etc. 1ea DX-2-1 $2.50ea
15ea DX-2-15 $30.00pk

30ea DX-2-30 $52.50pk

Fair-Rite, 0431167281, 1.55in L x 0.933in OD, Hole diameter 0.400in, Fits RG8, RG213, LMR400, etc, tight. 1ea DX-3-1 $3.95ea
15ea DX-3-15 $53.25pk

50ea DX-3-50 $115.00pk

Fair-Rite, 0431167281, 1.55in L x 1.22in OD, Hole diameter 0.500in, Fits RG8, RG213, LMR400, etc, loose. 1ea DX-6-1 $4.95ea

15ea DX-6-15 $66.75pk