Heil and the IC-7000
 All of Heil's products built for the 706 will work well with the Icom IC-7000. Headsets that work the best are Pro-7iC, Proset iC, and Proset Elite iC, and the BM-10ic all use the AD1-iCM adapter. For microphones the iCM, HM-iC HANDI MIC with the CC1-IM or CH-1-IM cable and the HHMiC and AD-1iCM.

 Set the Transmit bandwidth in the WIDE position 200 Hz and 2900Hz. For extreme articulation, contest or DX pileups ups use the MID or narrow bandwidth filters.

Proset Elite and Icom IC-7000
 Heil has done some testing of the Proset Elite with the IC-7000, and would like to share their findings.

 On SSB, the Proset Elite 6 sounds absolutely spectacular. The high-frequency "sparkle" really works well with the SSB modulator. If you plan to use the IC-7000 exclusively on SSB, but not FM, then the Proset Elite 6, with the AD1-iM adapter cable, can be highly recommended.

 If the FM mode is in play, then we recommend the Proset Elite iC, with the AD1-iCM adapter cable. It will not be quite as "bright" on SSB, but the audio quality is still excellent. And the "iC" element has plenty of drive to excite the IC-7000 to full deviation during FM operation. The HC-6 element of the Proset Elite 6 yields slightly less than full deviation, because of the lower available mic gain on the IC-7000 on FM.