RV Ladder Antenna Mounting System

 This mount is a simple system to temporarily mount an antenna mast, such as the Comet CP-45 to the ladder of your RV or motorhome. Simply attach the top and bottom brackets to your ladder and your ready to go.

Once you've found that perfect camping spot you simply place your mast in the top mount at an angle rotate to vertical and then place the bottom of the mast into the bottom mount and your done. No climbing, no need to carry step stools or ladders. The mast with your HF/VHF/UHF antenna can be installed in seconds while standing on the ground. Then when your ready to leave the mast and antenna come off in seconds to be stored for travel.

 The mounts come in two sizes, 1-1/2" (best for Comet CP-45) and 2" depending on your mast. The mount comes complete with all the hardware you will need.

Note: These mounts are not for use while RV/Trailer is in motion

Flag Pole Buddy RV Ladder Antenna Mounts
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106105 FlagPole Buddy RV Ladder Bracket for 1-1/2in Mast, Color: Black (Assembly Instructions)
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106201 FlagPole Buddy RV Ladder Bracket for 2in Mast, Color: Black
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  106105/CP45 FlagPole Buddy RV Ladder Bracket for 1-1/2in Mast, Color: Black with Comet CP-45 Telescoping Mast $144.00
  RV-Ant-Sys Complete RV antenna system consisting of Comet CHV-5X 10/15/20/40M antenna, FlagPole Buddy RV ladder Bracket, Color: Black, Comet CP-45 telescoping mast and 50ft Belden RG8X coax with PL-259 connectors (Note: We recommend that the top section of the mast not be extended all the way up) $459.00

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Top Mount Bottom Mount Bottom Mount

Bottom Mount
CHV-5X in use