We carry Heil's full product line but only have the most common items listed here. If you don't see what you are looking for E-mail sales and one of our experienced staff will respond with pricing and availability.

Notes for Icom IC-7000 Users

 Heil Headsets

 The Heil Pro 7 is the latest headset from Bob Heil is set to be the best headset yet.
  • The most comfortable wearing headset - ever.
  • Adjustable stainless headband.
  • Special designed foam gel ear pads provide 26 dB PNR reduction of outside noise.
  • Cotton cloth "booties" to cover the ear pads.
  • 40 mil high response speakers producing extreme voice articulation.
  • Acoustically dampened speaker enclosure.
  • -3dB points set at 100Hz-12kHz.
  • Speaker balance control adjusts level between the two speakers when you're using a dual receiver, otherwise it will balance the sound from two speakers to one speaker.
  • Full Stereo, two channel reception, perfect for Dual Watch receiving systems.
  • Military spec cable system using 6 pin mini XLR and fiber reinforced cable.
  • Connects to standard Heil headphone adapters.
  • Detachable coil cable with comfortable "Soft Touch" in-line 2" diameter PTT.
  • 1" thick, 6 section foam headband for maximum comfort.
  • Heil EXCLUSIVE Speaker Phase reversal helps to "dig out" the weak signals.
  • Data sheet

 The Dynamic HC-7 element exhibits a frequency response of 100Hz-12kHz with the -3dB points at 100Hz and 12 kHz. The traditional Heil speech articulatioin rise is centered at 2K-4KHz. The impedance is 600ohm.

 The Pro7iC is designed exclusively for ICOM radios, the iC Electret element has a -3dB fixed point at 35Hz and 12kHz with the sensitivity of -48 at 1500ohms output centered at 1kHz. The iC element solves the problems with LOW GAIN ICOM radios but can also work with great results on newer ICOM models. Bias power is applied to operate the iC electret element. The Pro7iC is supplied with our ADl-iC eight pin ICOM adapter cable.

Requires AD-1 Adapter

Pro 7 Headsets
Part Number Desc Price Buy
Pro7 Heil Pro 7 Headset with HC-7 Element, Color: Black $239.00
Pro7iC Heil Pro 7 Headset with iC Element, Color: Black, Includes AD-1iC adapter
(for Pre Pro series and older ICOM Radios - Read More)
Pro7-Blue Heil Pro 7 Headset with HC-7 Element, Color: Blue $239.00
Pro7-Red Heil Pro 7 Headset with HC-7 Element, Color: Red $239.00
Pro7-Pink Heil Pro 7 Headset with HC-7 Element, Color: Pink $239.00

 Heil Proset Elite is the ultimate boomset designed for amateur radio operators commercial sportscasters and podcasters using the newly designed Heil HC 6 wide response microphone element. The new technology of the Heil HC 6 is designed for full range commercial AM or FM network broadcasts or can be adjusted for bright, articulate audio to cut through amateur radio noise and signal pileups. The Proset Elite offers dual side, highly efficient speakers mounted in acoustically tuned chambers which produce high rejection of outside noise. The exclusive Heil Phase Reversal feature allows the user to move the signal acoustically, which creates a spatial widening of the sound field that makes it easier to 'see' a signal inside a pileup while removing listener fatigue during prolonged use. The headphone's speakers fold up for easy transportation and storage.

 The field-replaceable cushioned ear pads also come with removable cotton covers that can be easily removed for washing. The 6' coiled cable terminates in a 1/8" mono plug for the microphone, and a stereo 1/8" plug for headphone speaker connection. A 1/8" to 1/4" adapter is also supplied. The Proset ELITE works with all Heil AD-1 adapter cables, which mate with just about every type of amateur radio transceiver.

 The Proset Elite - 6 contains the Heil HC 6 full range dynamic broadcast element. The HC-6 is designed for commercial broadcast applications; the -3dB points are fixed at 100 Hz and 12.5 kHz, with sensitivity of -57 dB at 600 Ohms output impedance (centered at 1kHz). Using new dynamic technology, the HC 6 response can be equalized to match just about any requirement, from full range commercial broadcasting to serious contest and DXing.

 The Proset Elite - iC contains the specially designed high performance electret condenser which was designed for low level mic inputs used in many iCOM amateur radio transceivers. The -3dB points are fixed at 80 Hz and 12.5 kHz. The iC element requires + 5 Volts DC phantom power, which all iCOM rigs provide.

Requires AD-1 Adapter

Proset Elite Headsets
Part Number Desc Price Buy
PSE6 Heil Proset Elite with HC-6 element $150.00
PSEiC Heil Proset Elite with iC element for pre PRO series ICOM radios (Read More) Includes AD-1iC adapter $165.00

 The Heil Proset 3 features high quality 40mm neodymium magnets and voice coils, lightweight, ergonomically designed cushioned headband adjustable for maximum comfort while significantly reducing outside noise.

Supplied with three detachable cables, 1.8M (5.9ft) flexible straight cable, 1.8M (5.9ft) straight cord with mating iPhone/iPod compatible 3.5mm plug, 3M (5.9ft) coil cord. All twist-lock terminating in a 1/8" (3.5 mm) professional gold plated plug with 1/4" (6.3mm) adapter.

  • 10Hz - 22kHz extended frequency response for exceptional clear, balanced sound reproduction
  • Convenient folding construction for compact transport and storage
  • Ergonomic design with soft, adjustable cushioned headband.
  • Serious acoustical outside noise reduction
  • Mid size design with internal steel headband
  • Soft padded, replaceable ear cushions
  • Three twist-lock cables, 9.8ft coild with 1/8" stereo plugs, 5.9ft straight with 1/8"stereo plugs, and 5.9ft straight with 1/8" stereo x 1/8" iPod/iPhone Plug
  • Gold-plated stereo 1/8" to 1/4" adapter
Download Brochure/Spec Sheet

Proset Headphones
Part Number Desc Price Buy
PS3 Heil Proset 3 Headphones Add to cart to see your price $$.$$

 Heil Proset, the standard for DX headsets. For nearly a two decades, the Heil Pro-Set has been the choice of DXers and contesters. With speaker Phase Reversal switch that allows you to change the sound field between the two speakers. This exclusive feature greatly reduces listening fatigue, reduce noise and enhance intelligibility to pick out that all-time new one in the pileup.

Available with the HC6 full range element or the 'iC' element for pre Pro Series ICOM radios (Read More)

Requires AD-1 Adapter

Proset Headsets
Part Number Desc Price Buy
PS6 Heil Proset headset with HC6 Element 128.00
PSiC Heil Proset with 'iC' Element for older ICOM radios (Read More) Includes AD-1iC (8-pin) adapter 139.00

 Heil Proset Media: An award winning communications headset designed for your personal computer.

 Headsets and microphones for computer use have traditionally been two buck wonders that are poor quality - at best. Heil Sound was commissioned by the U.S. Navy to solve this problem and design a high performance computer microphone headset.

 The wizards at Heil Sound turned to their award winning Proset communications headset. Using a very high performance condenser microphone element, designed specifically for the requirements of the computer sound cards, the new Heil Proset MEDIA brings your computer to life with beautiful broadcast audio.

 The Proset speakers are acoustically tuned and use the exclusive Heil Phase Reversal feature that allows the user to acoustically 'move' the sounds from front to back By reversing the phasing switch, it creates a spatial widening sound filed that makes program easier to understand.

 The Heil Proset MEDIA comes to you with removable cotton ear pad covers that can be removed and washed. The comfortable vinyl ear pads they cover also can be removed should they every need to be replaced. A foam windscreen is fitted over the microphone and can easily be removed or replaced.

 The three conductor 1/8" Black male connects to your STEREO audio output.

Proset Media Headset
Part Number Desc Price Buy
PSM Heil Proset Media headset 108.00

 Travel Bag for Heil Proset, Proset Elite, Proset Plus Headset & Proset Media Headsets: STOP the torture to your Heil headset with our new leatherette travel bag. No more broken pieces when you arrive at that foreign island or Field Day site.

 A special leatherette carrying bag is available for all Heil headsets. A perfect combination to protect your headset when not in use or when traveling. A special compartment is provided to store your AD-1 adapters, cables and batteries.

Bag for Proset, Proset Elite, Proset Media & Proset Plus Headsets .......................... $26.00ea 

Proset Carrying Bag
Part Number Desc Price Buy
BAG-1 Heil Bag for Proset, Proset Elite, Proset Media & Proset Plus Headsets 26.00

 Heil Pro Micro avaipable in both single and dual sided this light weight headset comes with the Heil HC6 dynamic element. The Pro Micro works with all Heil AD-1 adapter cables, which mate with just about every type of amateur radio transceiver.

Requires AD-1 Adapter

Proset Micro
Part Number Desc Price Buy
PMD6 Heil Pro Micro Dual Side with HC-6 element $87.00
PMS6 Heil Pro Micro Single Side with HC-6 element $74.00

 Heil BM-10-x headset was designed to be a lightweight (only 3 oz), articulate sounding boomset that is ideal for DXpeditions, mobile, and general rag chewing.

 The speakers used in the BM-10 are extremely sensitive and donít require much AF drive from the transceiver. The frequency response is 60 Hz- 12 kHz with very low distortion. The ear pads are replaceable acoustic foam.

 The BM-10 comes in two versions, a BM-10-Dynamic and a BM-10-iC (electret), to accommodate many radios on the market today.

 The BM-10-Dynamic headset uses a dynamic element designed specifically for communications use. This 600 ohm dynamic element with work on most Amateur Radio rigs.

 The BM-10-iC, using our iC electret element, was created for use on the Icom radios. Working with Icom America this element has been made to eliminate the low gain audio on some older and non-pro series radios. This element must be paired with the AD-1-IC (included in BM-10-iC) or AD-1-ICM adapter. The "iC" adapters have no internal d.c. blocking capacitor so power is passed allowing the iC electret element to operate. The iC element has an operating frequency response of 35Hz - 12kHz.

 The microphone audio for the BM-10 series terminates into a 1/8" male plug while the head phone terminates into a 1/8" stereo plug. (1/8" to 1/4" adapter included), and the in line PTT terminates in a 1/4" mono plug. The cable features a built in Push to Talk (PTT) button with a conveinent clip on the back to keep it in place.

 The use of the AD-1 series mic adapters allow simple interface with popular transceiver inputs. The adapter is 6-8" long and has a 1/8" female input jack for the boomset microphone while the 1/4" female that exits the adapter is the PTT (push to talk) line for the Heil foot switch or hand switch. The 1/8" or 1/4" stereo plug goes into the headphone jack on the transceiver front panel.

Requires AD-1 Adapter

Proset Elite Headsets
Part Number Desc Price Buy
BM-10-Dynamic Heil Lightweight Dual Sided Boomset with Dynamic element and inline PTT $109.00
BM-10-iC Heil Lightweight Dual Sided Boomset with iC element and inline PTT (Read More) Includes AD-1iC adapter $124.00

 The new Heil Handi Talkie Headset (HTH), is a single-sided, lightweight headset designed for use with popular handheld transceivers found in the amateur radio industry. The HTH provides hands free and discreet two-way communication while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended use in moderate noise environments. It features a left or right ear adaptable earpiece and an in-line Push-to-Talk switch.

 The HTH is available in 3 models with pin-outs for, ICOM, Yaesu, and Kenwood/Baofeng. (plans are underway to offer additional models)

Handi Talkie Headsets
  Part Number Desc Price Buy
HTH-I Heil Handi Talkie Headset for 2-pin ICOM HT's $28.00
HTH-K Heil Handi Talkie Headset for 2-pin Kenwod/Baofeng HT's $28.00
HTH-Y Heil Handi Talkie Headset for TRRS Yeasu/Vertex HT's $28.00

 We carry Heil's full product line but only have the most common items listed here. If you don't see what you are looking for E-mail sales and one of our experienced staff will respond with pricing and availability.