Anderson PowerPole Connectors

  Description Pack of Part Number Price Per Pack Buy
Sets 15A PowerPole Contacts With Red/Black Housings, 16-20 AWG
10ea PP15RB-10 $11.00pk
25ea PP15RB-25 $26.00pk
50ea PP15RB-50 $53.00pk
100ea PP15RB-100 $105.00pk
Sets 30A PowerPole Contacts With Red/Black Housings, 12-16 AWG
10ea PP30RB-10 $11.00pk
25ea PP30RB-25 $26.00pk
50ea PP30RB-50 $53.00pk
100ea PP30RB-100 $105.00pk
Sets 45A PowerPole Contacts With Red/Black Housings, 10-14 AWG
10ea PP45RB-10 $17.00pk
25ea PP45RB-25 $39.00pk
50ea PP45RB-50 $79.00pk
100ea PP45RB-100 $152.00pk
15A PowerPole Contact, 16-20 AWG
25ea PP15-25 $5.00pk
50ea PP15-50 $9.00pk
100ea PP15-100 $18.00pk
30A PowerPole Contact, 12-16 AWG
25ea PP30-25 $6.00pk
50ea PP30-50 $11.00pk
100ea PP30-100 $22.00pk
45A PowerPole Contact, 10-14 AWG
25ea PP45-25 $13.00pk
50ea PP45-50 $26.00pk
100ea PP45-100 $52.00pk
Red, PowerPole Housing, 15/30/45A
25ea PP15/45R-25 $9.00pk
50ea PP15/45R-50 $18.00pk
100ea PP15/45R-100 $35.00pk
Black, PowerPole Housing, 15/30/45A
25ea PP15/45B-25 $9.00pk
50ea PP15/45B-50 $18.00pk
100ea PP15/45B-100 $35.00pk
Ratcheting Crimper for 15, 30 and 45 Amp Powerpole Connectors DX-1545 $39.00